The Pledge

The Pledge

We At Assk Have Strong Code Of Conduct.

We promise to craft each Jacquard bag with precision and care, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. Our commitment is to provide you with stylish and sustainable Jacquard bags, made with eco-friendly materials and ethical practices.

  • Empowering Women Through Resource Groups

    We actively encourage the establishment of employee resource groups focused on advancing women's interests and fostering their career growth within the organization.

  • Ethical Labor

    We are dedicated to maintaining equitable labor practices and ensuring safe work environments across our supply chain, fostering partnerships exclusively with suppliers committed to upholding ethical standards.

  • Striving for Gender Diversity

    We are committed to achieving concrete and quantifiable goals to enhance the presence of women at every organizational tier, including leadership positions.

  • Equal Compensation Commitment

    We pledge to ensure equal pay for the same job, irrespective of gender, by conducting routine pay equity audits and addressing disparities promptly.

  • Empowering Leadership Initiatives

    We are dedicated to designing specialized programs aimed at identifying and cultivating female leadership potential, which includes mentorship and sponsorship endeavors.

  • Sustainability in Materials

    Our commitment is to utilize eco-conscious and sustainable materials in the production of our bags, including options like organic cotton, recycled polyester, hemp, and other biodegradable materials.


Our Craftsmanship

Our craftsmanship exemplifies dedication and precision, transforming Jacquard fabric into exquisite bags of unparalleled quality and style.


Our Collections

My Bespoke Designs

My bag designs capture a sense of classic style and uniqueness. Each bag is a one-of-a-kind work of art, carefully made to match the unique tastes of each person who appreciates fine things. With detailed patterns and thoughtfully chosen colors, these bags represent personalized luxury that combines creativity and practicality effortlessly.